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Angie and I have been truly blessed over the past 2 years. We have been through a few struggles in the beginning dealing with Covid and knee surgery, but from day to day, God has truly blessed us in ways we could have never imagined. We developed a sense of trust and faith that has gotten us through any challenges we have faced.

With that being said, Angie and I are looking at giving back. Being fortunate enough to open Plain & Simple Catering, along with owning a travelling bowling team with amazing people, we feel our purpose in life is to help provide for those less fortunate or that have fell on hard times as people do from time to time. Angie has been working effortlessly to see where we can make the most difference. With our business finally up and running, and with the help of our bowling family, we will be looking at ways to give back where God has given to us.

If you know someone that may be struggling to get that one step ahead, please contact Angie or myself and let us know. We aren't sure where this path will lead us, but rest assured, our faith in where God wants us to be will soon be known. We are here for you as family, as a friend or just a shoulder to lean on.

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