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Annual School Supply Fundraiser

In our 1st year in business last year, we decided that we wanted to give back to those who helped get us started! We started out with our 1st ever School Supply Fundraiser. We completed several Bake Sales, Drop Off Locations and Donations to raise funds and supplies for a local school in need. We were so blessed to raise over $500.00 in donations and so many wonderful donations of purchased supplies. We took the monetary donations and purchased even more.

We were able to put together pencil pouches and boxes loaded with needed supplies and donate to a local school. We donated to Rural Hall Elementary School last year as we have bowling family ties to them (Tara & Justin Wolfe).

Although school is just getting out for the summer, it will never be too early to begin collecting donations, both in supplies and monetary, to benefit another Title 1 school in our area. We would love to double what we did last year and as business has grown, our contribution this year will increase as well.

I have attached some pictures of last year's success as well as our flyer. If you feel you can assist us in this wonderful "Give Back" to our community, please contact myself or Angie to help out! There are no donations too small.

From our Plain & Simple Family and from the Kernersville Cobra Federation Bowling Team, we appreciate all of our friends, family and clients for all you do to help make us who we are! We look forward to exceeding our expectations this year.

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